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Pilot | Photographer
Dominik is our qualified UAV pilot.
He always comes up with new ideas.
He loves flying, filming and muddy obstacle races.

Project Manager | Organiser
Marlena is the project manager and she ensures everything runs as smoothly as possible. She is a good communicator, a great collaborator and a charming addition to our production team. An enthusiastic traveller, Marlena is always seeking new opportunities to create beautiful cinematography.

Photographer | Editor
Anna is photographer and video maker. She is always able to bring a fresh approach to every project and is always trying to develop new ideas using the latest available technology.She has got an incredibly flexible profile, she is able to work in a variety of position’s, from camera operation to post production. In the past 3 years she has worked on different projects such as short documentaries, fashion movies, commercials. From a coulpe of years back she started working for the Polish media in Luton where she design the monthly Polish Local Magazine (Magazyn Lokalny).

The UAV’s
Drone | Cameraman
The UAV considers itself to be the most important thing in the business.
It’s probably not far from the truth but we’d never let it know that.

We are a dynamic, creative and highly motivated company specialised in aerial cinematography and photography from drone aircrafts.

Using the latest technologies in camera stabilisation systems, unmanned aerial vehicles and cameras, we are capable to provide stunning aerial photography and videography with first­class professional service.

We are based in London and Luton but one of our values is our international experience. We have shot in several countries:Poland, Spain, France, Italy, Malta and the United Kingdom.

With our drones we provide a unique service that bridges the gap between a jib and a full sized helicopter. A flying camera: a unique creative tool!

Our commitment is to make aerial filming and photography affordable for any projects and for any budget.

We specialize in taking our clients projects such as documentary films, commercials, real estate,weddings videos, surveying to new heights – literally and metaphorically.


Amazing aerial filming and photography at an affordable price!