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How do you capture the footage?
We use a remote controlled UAV (drone) that has a 4K HD camera attached that captures 4K full HD video and photos.

How high can you fly?
400ft is the legal height limit in the UK for a UAV.

What about the UK weather – what if it rains?
We can fly in any weather apart from active rain & snow. We can fly most days and even on rainy days we use rain radar software to work out when there’ll be dry spells. Also, wind isn’t a problem for as we can fly in up to 20mph winds and still be rock steady thanks to the drone’s GPS and 3D camera gimbal. In the unlikely event we give you a 30% of your money back to ease the pain of rain on your wedding day!

Is it loud?
It’s suprisingly quiet once it has taken off, it’s like a background humming noise so most of the time it’s not too noticeable. We’re as discrete as possible when flying and will discuss with you „no-fly” times with yourselves to ensure you’re happy with our planned flights.

Who editing videos and photos?
As part of the services we this form we are recommended. We provide cooperation and consultations to create the project. We do everything that the customers receive from us not only what they expected but more.

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