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Aerial Filming for Wedding Videos with Drones (UAVs)

FOTO NR 1servisWith the spread of cinematic wedding videos, the professionals are pushed more and more into the research of striking images. Tracking shots, Stedicam and sliders have become common tools in wedding videos. We are helping those professionals with unforgettable aerial photos and videos for the most memorable day of the life.
We are a family business launched in response to extremely positive feedback we had at friend’s weddings when using our drone to capture aerial footage of their wedding.
We hope to bring something unique and different to the usual wedding video & photo album.
So far, we’ve had great feedback and can’t wait to work with more brides & grooms at new and exciting venues.

Aerial Photography for Property Marketing with Drones

FOTO NR.2 servisShow off your property listing in a captivating way that will raise eyebrows and be remembered. With aerial photography or videography you can get a unique perspective of your property that was until recently impossible. Capturing the surrounding location of the property with aerial shots is an invaluable asset to potential buyers. It is as well a great tool for Architects’ portfolios, capturing all the beauty of your buildings.
Using our UAVs we can generate realistic views from specific flats with really accurate altitude and position.

Surveys and Roof Inspections

Drone Surveys and Inspections for Roofs, Buildings, Construction Sites, and Rivers. If you’re looking for drone aerial surveys or build roof inspections we can help. Our remote drones produce high resolution images and video and can safely fly close to objects up to 400 feet high. Drones are an incredibly versatile and effective tool for obtaining detailed aerial information on a wide range of assets. The main benefits of a drone aerial surveys is that we can often acquire information that simply would not be possible using any other method.

Lower Cost,                  Lower Risk,                 Better Information

Aerial Filming for Documentary Films with Drones (UAVs)

FOTO NR.4servis You need your documentary to stand out! Aerial video from US is perfect for taking YOUR audience’s breath away. Our technology meets the needs of the documentary production field perfectly: it is discreet, unobtrusive, light and easy to carry, fast to set up and easy to pack. It can be disassembled for travelling and everything can be contained in 2 cases. We can recharge all the batteries that we need with solar energy, a feature extremely useful when shooting in difficult access locations.

Our love for storytelling, our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced staff will take your production to a new level at an affordable price.

Commercials on Drones (UAVs)

Commercial banner on the drone is the latest trend on Commercial market from the air. Flying Commercial banner reach everywhere and are most visible in the city or on the events and the sound of a flying drone attract the attention of everyone. Flying banners reach everywhere and are effective and attractive form of mobile advertising.

Flying banners on Dron is available in sizes
30 x 50 cm    30 x 80 cm    60 x 90 cm    75 x 120 cm

Aerial Filming for Commercials and Corporate Videos with Drones


Wedding houses
Resorts ski
Commercial galleries
Technological parks


Why create Commercials films using the drone?
An excellent way to attract the customer can be a promotional video. Realized using drone will certainly differ from other classic production. Filming drone will be interested in the product and also the region.

Your hotel is located in beautiful surroundings? There is no better perspective than from the air to emphasize the landscape values.
Your transport company has a fleet of modern vehicles? The dynamic approach only emphasize their uniqueness.

Are you looking for the ‘Wow effect’?
We have the ability to get a unique perspective on your subject, whether it is a car, person, building, or anything else. Our footage can be integrated with CGI or become a great tool for Corporate videos: in a long shot we can start from a detail and then show the whole production plant. These are just a few examples of how you can captivate your public with the help of our services.